ACS Training Institute

The ACS Training Institute was founded to provide a level of service that exceeds that of other training companies.  We can provide superior training because we have what others do not:   an understanding of industry’s needs.  Furthermore, we know that the true cost of training to your company is much more than the price per person.  We know that the best and most cost effective method of conducting training is to conduct the training “in-house” using highly qualified professional instructors.  We will conduct the training at your location, according to your schedule, and our training will be customized to your operation. 

We can schedule training at your convenience (including evenings and weekends) because we know the importance (and value) of maintaining your normal operations.  This means that every program is tailored first to your individual place of business, and second to the educational level of the staff personnel of various backgrounds.  Your people will leave our classes knowing the essential elements of the program; in addition, they will have a comprehensive and well-written training manual for future reference. 

If you prefer, training can be conducted at our modern training center or at a location of your choice.  We will work with you to provide the best possible training at the right price. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your training needs.

About Our Instructors

Our team of professional instructors is led by Mr. August De Vico, President of ACS.  Mr. De Vico is an environmental engineer, a Registered Environmental Manager, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and a Certified Safety Specialist with over 30-years of experience as a trainer, in industry, and the field of hazardous materials management.  He has conducted training programs throughout the nation to clients that include: Colleges and Universities; Fortune 500 companies; government agencies; public utilities; international airports, industrial and commercial clients; environmental companies;  fire departments; police departments; and first aid squads. 

Program Format

Our programs are interactive using state of the art equipment and methodologies.  We have developed and written our own training manuals (not copies of government publications like our competition) that are second to none.  Are training programs include:

Professionally Trained - experienced instructors

Interactive Format

Computer generated Graphics

Large screen videos

Stereo Sound

Customized Handouts

Training certificates suitable for framing

Laminated Wallet Cards (when appropriate)

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